HP1100 Volume/Sensitivity low/quieter vs. HP1000


after 10 Years using the HP1000 i bought the HP1100. BUT something is wrong / different. They should be technically the same (sensitivity 105db) BUT the new HP1100 are much quieter then the HP1000. This is very significant, i have to rotate the Volume knob by one quarter more to get the same volume! so now it is at 3 o’clock instead of 12 o’clock. What is going on? it should be the same, are there problems with a batch of headphones? By chance, have others also observed this behavior? how should i proceed now? I have already asked the support.

According to the specs of both they should be comparable. Same ohm and sensitivity rating.

This is expected behavior. HP1100 is around 60 ohms, HP1000 is around 35ohms.

The specs say it’s 36 ohm. Did they test differently for you rcatelli?

Like @SirReal stated: one is between 30 an 39 Ohm. The other is 36 Ohm. Not much a difference.

yes, as stated above the specs say it is 36 ohms, at least if you go to buy one. strangely enough there are no „offical“ specs of the denon HP1100, at least i can’t find any page on the denondj hp or specs for the 1100, only specs for the 1000, what is a shame… but to recap, according to the available information on the headphones, the models should be the same, which is exactly why I wanted them again. now I’m wondering if that’s not the case and the information from Denon’s site is not up to date or not available.

The impedance of an average 65.25 ohms and sensitivity of 100.02 dB/mW are also convincing, as is the 3500 mW nominal load

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hmm this is the only source that say 65 ohms, all other sources say 36 ohms. and again what is the official spec? if they are the same hp1000 and hp1100 i dont care about numbers… they should sound the same, that is all i care about.