How to use USB stick?


I have all my music on my laptop running with serato and my MCX8000. I wand now to create an usb stick to run also with my MCX8000 for backup when serato crashes. I my music is already analysed by serato.

What do I have to do now for prepare my USB stick.

I copied my serato music that I need from my laptop onto my stick. I started engine 1.5 and on my engine target I created a database. That was running for several hours.

After this, is my stick now ready to play on my MCX8000 ? Or do i have to do also a full analyse of all files ?

Anybody that can help me ?

Hi Dimitri,

I would highly recommend reading this article from Denon Dj’s website -

This is the correct way to get Engine to analyse your Serato Crates.

I hope this helps.

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I already tested this but after some songs, then engine is crashing and then it’s over… So that’s why I ask for another solution …

Hello, it sounds like you may have some corrupt music files, it’s always recommended to make sure you get your music from trusted sources. If a music file is a problem it may cause issues with any software.

i had to do them 3 or 4 at a time take a long time so what i did was put my back up tracks on usb and still ran SDJ


i get all my music from promo only and it still crashes engine

I found a little solution and engine is not crashing anymore.

Under library-auto analyse I put this to off. Then i select al my tracks and with right click I select re-analyse.

Engine starts analyzing all my songs without any crash …;

Did this for 3 USB stick now and works fine …


my usb-harddrive got roundabout 70.000 tracks. hard work… :frowning: