How to use Pixel Tubes in soundswitch?

How do you make the best use of your pixeltubes in soundswitch?

I bought a pixeltube to use with soundswitch and found the auto scripting for the fixture really lame and to make cool pixel effects manually really difficult.

What a disapointment. Pixeltubes are such a stable of modern lightshows. Really hope they will make an update that makes it easy to make impressive light shows with these kind of fixtures.

pixelmapping is not really supported in soundswitch.

Soundswitch is more build around one universe of 512 adresses. Since every pixel needs at least 3 Values, you would run pretty quick into a limit.

However there are some ways:

There’s a few new features to help get more out of the pixel tubes and battens. Mostly via auto scripts.

The guy in the video above sells mappings for some different brands of pixel tubes at [checks notes] $325. He’s doing it at half price at the moment which I’d say is still obscene.

You can use the house and techno new preset and it should give more pixel chases. I’d say create some auto loops and get to know the chase patterns and see if you can get the most out of the tubes with the presets. There’s an auto script for the auto loops now which makes things easier for you. There’s some great guides on YouTube.