How to turn on 'Computer / MIDI controller' mode?


I need to connect the PRIME GO to the computer in order ot use the Engine Prime to analyze all tracks in a hard disk connected to the console.

The computer does not recognize the the device when connected via USB-B

I found that there is a “Computer / MIDI controller” mode that allows that, Where is the option turn on that mode?

Is there another way of analyze all tracks in a external HDD?

Thanks !

Hello @countach Welcome to the forum.

To enter computer mode go to Source menu and click on the computer icon on top right.

Thats the thing. I found that answer elsewhere in the forum, but there are no Computer icon top right…

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Disconnect the hard disk from the prime go and connect it to any computer with EP installed to analyze files.

Thanks! I will try that.

I also need to be able to search for a track in the entire folder tree.

Without analyzing, It seems that you can only search in one folder. I hope that his “analysis” process also involves indexing.

yep, as soon you have analized your tracks, they are indexed in the database.


With the hard disc connected to the computer, it shows in Prime, but there is a problem:

I can`t find a way to import ALL the folder tree to he Collection. I would like to convert some folders to “Crates”, but it seems that the only way is creating each Crate manually and then importing the tracks from the hard disc for this crate.

Having 5000+ tracks organized in thousands of folders, it looks some kind of mission imposible. Also, most of the tracks don’t have properly defined tags. I usualy rely in the file name to manage them in Traktor.

So, is there a way to automate the creation of a Crate organization in the Collection based on the folder tree of a file system at the hard disk?

Not yet, sorry. You have to drag all your folder one by one

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