How to sort by BPM (but not limiting to a range)

When I prepare my crates or lists in Engine Prime, I have the BPM sorted from 70 up to 140. But as soon as it’s on the USB key, the list is just mixed up. It’s not BPM sorted and not even alphabetical. Not sorted at all. I know there’s a way to sort by BPM but it’s defined by (very small) ranges. Is there a way to have my list simply displayed like it was prepared/sorted in Engine Prime? It seems not and I am obliged to sort by small ranges (always going back to the menu, loosing the overview - also because then you have the same sorting on the other desk), but I thought I’d ask here to be sure before I have to change the way I used to work using Serato.

I just found out the setting to maximize the BPM range (±10). But still curious if possible to sort from 70 to 140.