***How to setup MC6000 with Time Code CDs/Vinyl***

robdquick Mar 04, 2013 1:29 pm

Here’s a very quick explanation, I intend to do a full guide on this as I see lots of people asking the same question about timecode and the MC6000, and I seem to be the only person that’s got it working!

Route turntables/CD’s into line 1/4. Set to phono/line depending on input source. Set input routing switch on back to line 1/4 instead of rec/booth.

In virtual dj settings, use Denon ASIO driver. 2 timecodes, timecode 1 = chan 1/2, timecode 2 = chan 3/4. Output master/headphones. Master chan 3/4, headphones chan 1/2.

Keep line faders on channels 1/4 all the way down, use gain knob to adjust volume (to get good calibration). Map line faders/eq knobs/gain knobs of channels 2/3 to control decks 1/2 in virtual dj.