How to set up Soundswitch desktop with denon players and non supported mixer

  1. Connect the SC6000M to usb lan hub. I used Lan port 1 for Left player and Lan port 3 for Right player.

  2. Connect lan port from the hub to the laptop. I used port 5.

  3. Connect Soundswitch Control One/V1/Dongle to MacBook

  4. Connect mixer via USB to laptop. I tested with the S11. Any mixer with USB and midi should work.

  5. Turn on mixer and decks

  6. Start Soundswitch desktop

  7. Go to settings and map fader 1 and 3 to your mixer

  8. Map crossfader as well. This does not affect the light show. Seems SS desktop only allows up fader control for now when using non supported mixer.

  9. Change to performance mode in Soundswitch desktop

  10. Engine Prime banner will be greyed out and you will see a blue icon lit up. This implies it’s getting signal from the lan port.

  11. Load a track from the usb stick/sd/streaming service

  12. Enjoy


Settings - I have a 2 channel mixer

SS Desktop

Enable External Mixer

Left Player/Deck/Player 1 corresponds to Channel 1 Soundswitch desktop

Right Player/Deck/Player 2 corresponds to Channel 3 Soundswitch desktop

Disable CH2 and CH4