How to retain Serato Crate Sorting inside of Denon Engine

Just figured out another way to have secondary sorting but this time done by Serato.

  1. Open Serato DJ and select the desired crate. For this example, we’ll just call it Crate A to keep it simple. Once you’re in Crate A, set up your preferred way of sorting (for me it’s BPM > Key)

  2. Make a new empty crate, (we’ll call it Crate B to keep the explanation simple)

  3. Go back to Crate A, select all tracks, then drag and drop the tracks to Crate B.

  4. Inside of Crate B, MAKE SURE that you have sorting set to the “#” column with no secondary sorting enabled. This will retain the sorting you set from the other crate but the music will now also be numbered accordingly.

  5. Close Serato, Open Denon Engine

  6. Import Crate B as a playlist, leave sorting on track order / #

Boom. Rinse, lather, repeat as needed for your other crates (Denon I love you but please make an update to fix sorting on Engine :sob:)

Sorry, misunderstanding this post. You know no ow you can secondary sort by clicking shift and the column headers?

Or do you mean sorting by the number it was added to the playlist?