How to reset sc5000 to factory defaults?

I’m returning my sc5000 (faulty unit) and want to reset the unit to factory defaults. The main concerns are: WiFi credentials and Tidal login connection.

Wifi I can “forget” in the utility menu Tidal I can’t figure out — Tidal themselves don’t provide a way to un-link the unit, and I can’t find anything on the device.

Easiest would be a factory default reset, but unlinking Tidal would work also!

Any help?

any? i wanne know it also

Didn’t find anything out :confused:

If you flash the firmware with a usb cable, it used to reset all preferences and forced you to link Tidal again.

Don’t know if log-off from Tidal (gears icon in Tidal mode) would suffice.

Hi Reese I did the firmware update grom 1.4 beta to 1.4 but nothing changed only the beta screen is gone

You are also trying to do a factory reset, I presume?

I’m trying to figure out how to do this to one of my Ms that’s saying something about an (unknown) database being corrupted and not showing key or doing proper next track.