How to replace crossfader?

Has anyone attempted to replace the crossfader on their MC4000? Is it a case of taking out a few screws/bolts, or is there desoldering/resoldering that needs to happen?

I’ve checked with our service team and they’ve advised that it’s not the most straightforward of tasks. I’ve been advised that the crossfader is on a board which holds the crossfader would have to be desoldered from, and the new crossfader re-soldered onto. That board is only accessible by turning the controller over, removing the underside panel, other circuit boards including Performance pads and boards and replacing all the above etc

Given the overall price of the unit, it might be best to consider letting an authorised service center perform the replacement.

Hi Gee, thanks for replying. It is pretty disappointing that your service team is so wrong. Since making my original post I decided to have a look myself, and I have discovered that the crossfader is fully accessible once you remove the top plate off the unit - an easy task that only requires an allen key and a small spanner/socket. Furthermore the crossfader part is held on to the main board with 2 screws, and electrical connection is via a cable plug. I appreciate that Denon probably would prefer that people don’t mess around inside their controllers, but this is a 20 minute job for anyone who can use a screwdriver, and I don’t think that anyone should be at all intimidated by the task - especially since it saves sending your controller away if you don’t live near a Denon service centre. The part number for my crossafder is 405-MC4K-3331.

Sorry if any information got jumbled or distilled from when I spoke with the service team.

There’s still a lot that could go wrong, even when only “Standard” tools are required. Still, I’m glad that you’re sorted now.

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