How to remove the knobs

I’m thinking about buying a skin for my MCX8000 from 12inchskinz, so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to remove the knobs. Has anyone successfully installed a skin on their units?

To remove the knob you just need to pull them.

Is it really that easy? I tried that and none of the knobs budged an inch. I’ve seen people use flat-head screwdrivers to get knobs off other equipment…was wondering if that applied to the caps on the MCX8000 as well.

It’s not if the gear is new and knobs are proper tight. Yes, you can use a screwdriver (or two) with a cloth underneath to prevent damage to the faceplate but it’s still not a ideal solution. Try to find a piece of plastic that looks like this (make it yourself):

Thanks for that, didn’t know Cooler Caps had a tool to remove knobs. :slight_smile: