How to redo a full sync on Engine DJ desktop?

Hello everyone!

I have an issue with Engine DJ desktop. I will try explain the problem. I had some problem with my folders so I had to recover my playlist to a backup and I now have the following issue:

  1. When I open engine DJ, without external harddrive connected my collection shows I have 2308 of tracks.
  2. When I connect my external harddrive (where I store all my music) it show I have 6391 of tracks. (my main external harddrive connected)
  3. When I connect my other external harddrive, a USB which I exported music to, I have 10555 of music.

So there is clearly some track info missing in my main external harddrive and it should also show 10555 tracks, or more, since that is my main external harddrive.

I suspect this could be because of some problem with locating in the folders after I did the Backup restore but how can I re-sync my collection, so my collection is back to showing 10555 tracks which I used to have?

I have tried Auto Relocate all several times, but it does not help.

Also, when going to sync manager and try to “SYNC TO ENGINGE DJ” from the USB back to playlist, it looks like this: Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 19.29.45

I have 400GB of available storage on my laptop so the limit should not be the issue.

Please help and thanks in advance!

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So I have connected all my USBs I have recently exported music to and my total number of tracks in Engine DJ shows 11569.

I have 6 USBs and only one is having the “over capacity” issue. What will happen if I press “SYNC TO ENGINE DJ” on the remaining USBs? I’m afraid it will overwrite again and I will lose data again.

The same amount of tracks Should be visible when I only have my external harddrive connected, because that is were all my music is located.

How do I go about to add this information back my external harddrive in engine DJ desktop? Is there a way to overwrite the data, without loosing old data so it just adds the missing information of tracks??

As an example, when I try re-locate a track:

track: Queen, Wyclef Jean, Pras Michel - Another One Bites The Dust - Remix Remastered 2011

As you can see, it is red. I locate the song to correct folder, click open and it is still red. I have tried removing it from playlist, adding it back to playlist, and it still remains red.

I clicked “remove from collection” and the entire track got deleted! I assume this is because I have all my songs on my external master harddrive. Engine DJ does not understand that I store my music there.

I really don’t want to remove the track from collection, because I have saved cue points, auto loops, which I have spent years to build in ENGINE DJ. What can I do to restore this?? Any help welcome!

You could try lexicon to merge all your db

do relocate missing files and duplicate finder in lexicon


sync all your db to lexicon

then sync it back to engine dj

Thanks Mufasa. I know all songs are in the external harddrive, because on my workflow I always move the music there. I have gone trough a bunch of songs and they are in the right folder in the master harddrive where they should be.

Could you explain what you mean by “and duplicate finder in lexicon”? Also, how do I sync all my db to lexicon? Do you mean I should sync all my db’s which are found in my usbs’ to lexicon? How do I do that?

How should I sync back to engine dj? what settings?

Can you show screen shots or something so I can make sure I do the steps correctly and put all settings correctly?

Thanks a lot!

I suggested Lexicon in response to the question of how not to lose performance data.

I don’t know the reason why your library has the issues you describe.

But it would/could happen again if it’s a workflow failure point. You may want to look at how you do things and check.

Can you list your

  1. storage
  2. processes (from downloading music to playback on the player)

Here is my workflow

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Hello Mufasa,

Here is my workflow:

  1. Downloaded track and organize it to correct folder on my external harddrive. After this I do not move the music location anymore -external harddrive has 1TB of storage and im currently using maybe 1/3 of that.
  2. Analyse track in MIK (to get key and energy level mostly, would be nice to get cue points as well…). Overwrite data on the current music file.
  3. Processed the track in PN10 (to balance the peaks). Overwrite data on current music file.
  4. Load tracks to ENGINE DJ. Do re-import track information to get the info from MIK and also do again an analyze of the track.
  5. Place track in correct crate/playlist in Engine DJ.
  6. Export USB - I use usbs which have 60-120 gb of storage
  7. Play on my Prime 4

After that I tend to make hot cues, auto-loops etc while performing and sync back to engine.

:face_with_monocle: Why is this step needed?

My approach would be

  1. Download all new music files to a temporary folder on computer.

  2. Run all the PN and MIK process in whilst the files are still in the temporary folder. I will also check tags and all.

  3. Then move the tracks to their final folders.

  4. Then add them to Engine DJ.

Hello Mufasa,

The re-import track information and analyse is just because I have noticed engine dj does not always get the energy level (found in tags/comments in engine dj) info from MIK. The analyse is just to make sure Engine DJ analyse the beat grids again.

To minimise moving tracks, I do not have a temporary folder and just move them directly to the final location. Imagine I buy/download 50 tracks with different genres, events etc. if I have them all in temporary folder, it gets easily messed up. Unless lexicon would have a a tutorial and smart way how the “watch” folder could support here analysing the tracks that have been downloaded and then move them to correct folder. That would be neat but still not sure how they handle remixes etc. .

Nice video mufasa! Are you planning on making a new video when using Lexicon? I’m a bit confused about the workflow if you use lexicon to prep music, export to USB to play on Engine Prime 4/GO, then make some hot cues etc. while playing/performing and then exporting that information back?

That makes sense.

I have lexicon set up to watch my SSD for any new tracks

The new tracks are in “incoming”

I tag them appropriately, make changes etc in lexicon. Then I write the tags to file.

I don’t use Lexicon to sync them to my DJ library though.

I use drag and drop to add the new files to my dj library. I drag the entire SSD over and the new tracks are the only thing added.

I use smart playlists extensively so I don’t have to start drag and drop to individual playlists.

Plus I also have #tags so I can easily find a song by description eg if I’m doing a RNB set and I want to pull tracks that girls like that is RNB I type - #RNB #Girlpop