How to recording DJ set with MCX8000?

Hi all. Subj only with Serato DJ or external record device? I have old laptop. It’s enough for use Engine Prime, but when i use Serato DJ laptop slows down. It is not a problem for me because i use MCX8000 with Engine database but problem when i try to recording my set. Is there another solution?

Use the same laptop to record when you are using the MCX8000 in standalone mode. You can use any audio application that can access Denon ASIO driver 7/8 usb ch. Since it is free, you can use even Rekordbox.

I don’t know that MCX8000 supports ASIO before your post. Thank you!

Denondj ASIO drivers is compatible with MCX8000? My is not visible in them.

I use this device in standalone mode:

it is an external device that goes through one output and records mp3 mix directly on a thumbdrive

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What i’ve done in the past to record from standalone mode is use Audacity (free open-source software). Works really well. You’ll also have to add the Audacity plugin to export your recording to mp3.

MCX8000 ASIO driver is on the righ. On the left you have the old 2.2.2 ASIO driver that is for 32bit WinOS for Denon X600, X1600 and X1700 mixers.

Install the free version of Rekordbox. Go into settings, select Denon ASIO driver in the list. Under recording options find USB 7/8 (last one) to record. That’s the master audio.

Refer to this topic, it’s similar. You can record your mixes via USB in Rekordbox

Everything was much easier. After i connect MCX8000 to laptop i can choose MCX8000 as record device in the sound settings in my Windows 8.1. After i do it i can use any record software in which i can select inputs for recording. Thanks to all!