How to open up a Prime Go?

The clip that holds one of the platters down on my Prime Go fell off, such that whenever the controller is inverted (like in transport) the platter slides out. More of an annoyance than anything as it still functions just fine and stays put when actually in use. I removed most of the visible screws on the case, which allowed me to hold the bottom plate open enough to both retrieve the loose platter clip, as well as compare the underside of both platters to see the difference. From that, I could tell the repair would be straightforward, it would just require complete removal of the bottom plate in order to have full access to the underside of the platter where the post needs to be clipped in.

However, with all visible screws (and phono ground screw) on the bottom and rear panels removed, I still couldn’t fully remove the bottom plate. I’ve taken apart controllers in the past, and sometimes there are connectors, knobs, headphone jacks etc that also need to be removed to remove a plate or panel, but it wasn’t 100% clear to me what was still keeping the bottom plate attached after the screws were removed. The front part of the plate was easily lifting off (how I was able to view the underside of the platters), it’s something in the rear that’s holding the top/bottom together. From the one video I’ve seen of it opened up (which didn’t show how they opened it), it doesn’t seem like any knobs or connectors needed to be removed, but I must be missing something…

Rather than removing a bunch of unnecessary parts, or potentially breaking something by trying to force it, does anyone have experience or instructions for disassembling the Prime Go? I wasn’t able to find any YT videos or threads detailing teardown about this in my searches.

Hey, I’m about to open up my Prime Go too (I snagged the power button and I think something needs soldering). But yeah, lots of screws :sweat_smile: Could you share the video you mentioned of one opened?

This is the video I was talking about: Inside denon prime go controller - YouTube

This video is extensive and good.

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Thanks for that video. I was able to get the cover off to fix my loose platter. I was just missing one bolt.

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