How to move database + Music into new PC


I’ve checked dosens of topics about my problem, there is no real useful answer so far,

So I have a new laptop i would like to use Engine DJ on my new laptop with all my tracks and playlist.

I’ve copied my musics to new pc (same folder as old)- I’ve copied \user\music\EngineLibary to new PC (same folder)

It does not work, some track are there but most of them are not. Playlist structure is there but there is no tracks inside.

Please let me know what to do.

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You should move all MUSIC folders to the correct location also. Files on Engine folders are only internal db structure. You should move your mp3/wav/aiff/flacs to the same location on new computer.

As you can see in my first post i did exactly that. Not working.

Case solved!

It turned out that i have 2 Engine Database folder: user\music\engine library

and there was on D:\Engine Library.

After i copied both folder to the same drive, Engine just work perfectly.

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Cool! Engine creates a \EngineLibrary folder on each local drive.

Personally I keep all my music on a D:\music folder - When changing computers, I only move D:\music and \EngineLibrary folder and install Engine.

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