How to manage variable beatgrids?

Hello guys,

purchased the Prime 4 around one year ago, but actually I did not have much time for it. Now I wanted to start using it a little more, and since I like playing with 70’s and 80’s music, I wanted to know if, in the last year, we saw some improvements on the beatgridding of variable bpm songs. I tried to analyze some tracks with Rekordbox, which is amazing, and then bringing into Prime, but no luck.

Is there any news I do not know, or we are still stuck with this crappy software?

Thank you!

Best, Fulvio

How to flexigrid in engine prime

Start song, keep aye on beat markers, once it starts falling off, drop another beat marker

Continue doing that throughout the track

I know rekordbox has an option for automatic dynamic analysis but unlike you I did not get good results few times I’ve tried it.

For tracks that gradually Drift from the calculated BPM, I’ve found this to work in 1.6

Set First Downbeat Correctly

Move to the last Bar Mark, set another downbeat Marker so it’s correct

Move past that and hit the Rubbish Bin Icon to delete.

You should then see the Grid ‘Stretched’ to align correctly.

I always skip through every 8 Bars (32 Beats) to check, as this is most common Phrase for 4/4 Music