How to Manage and Synchronise your Music Library with EngineDJ

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How do you manage your music library?

Ive recently moved from a Serato set up to an SC+LC 6000 which I love. Using Serato meant that my Library was a direct view of my Apple Music Structure. I Used Apple music for my DJ Music management and any changes were directly visible in Serato.

Engine Seems different, its more of an ‘Import’ library data to Engine DJ than a ‘read’ the itunes library. Unless Im missing something If I make a change to a playlist in Apple music, I cannot ‘import’ that change to cause the Engine Playlist to update.

Ideally I would like my old behaviour to continue, so I can preview and plan tracks / sets whenever I think about it.

It would be great to hear other Ideas and approaches to library management.

How do you manage your Music Library?



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Hey @lozzkit - Welcome to the community!

There are a few ways to manage your music in Engine DJ. In regards to your music, one way to go about its importing your crates from iTunes or Serato and managing them in Engine DJ.

Here’s a general overview of how to import your crates:

You can mimic the steps in Engine DJ to import your iTunes crates as well.


  • Workaround

To update any previously imported itunes/serato/rekordbox/traktor playlist, we are currently required to delete the playlist in engine and readd it :flushed:

  • PS

deleting the playlist does not remove the tracks from engine main collection.

  • Appeal to improve this

Thanks for this. This could work for me, for now. Frustrating workflow, but I really do want to have itunes to be my single source of music. Ill try this approach.