How to make usb stick with playlist for denon sc3900

Hello everyone,

I new where, I buy 2 pcs of denon sc3900 and have big problem with usb stick. I try do usb with playlist not sure how to do that. 1- I instal denon engine on pc 2- i format usb stick in denon sc 3900 3 - connect usb to pc and start engine 4- I make list engine and copy to pendrive in program. Then when I connect usb to player show me all track in music library no playlist :frowning: Can nobody help ? We have gig today and is big problem.

Thanks a lot

Is firmware on players the latest? Is engine version 1.5.2?

denon player have version 1168 engine 1.3.1

You need Engine 1.5, not the Engine Prime.


(Caution: this is a unsupported feature but works supposedly) Enable MXC8000 compatiblity in EP preferences and use the special mcx8000 export option to create playlist on the usb stick. For how-to go to youtube where there is a video with instructions

Thanks a lot , I just install now hope I can make .