How To Deauthorize Tidal Account on Prime 4

Hi everyone,

I’m Purchasing a Prime 4 secondhand but seller and I are wondering how to deauthorize their Tidal account. Is there somewhere directly on the controller that allows this, or must it be done through their Tidal profile via a computer or mobile device?

Thanks for your help!

Just create Your own Tidal account if You don’t have one and log in with this on the Prime 4. No need to change anything.

Surely if the previous owner has used Tidal, when selected it will log straight into that account.

The Prime 4 needs to have that old account data removed, or it will just keep logging in to the other users account.

When you’re in the Tidal window, click the settings icon (bottom left). There’s a log out button on that popup page.

I never had that on the SC5000, on every power up You need to login again.

Prime 4 goes straight in. I can’t recall if maybe there’s “remember me” option on the login page.

I also found that the Prime hardware is not listed as a device when logging in on a computer and wanting to deauthorize.

Thanks! All sorted - had to log out on the Prime 4 like you said, that worked great! Much appreciated.

But why on earth is somebody selling a Prime 4? Are they crazy? :smile:


Because some people expect certain performances that they don’t find in Prime 4. Some people sell P4 and switch to X1850 + SC6000 to get everything they want.

For my needs, the P4 is fine! :grinning: :+1:


That’s weird. You shouldn’t have too.

I thought it is normal.

I will check but don’t remember I have to enter my login credentials each time.

Actually it has sense, every dj is coming should be able to login when needed and after a closed session it needs to go back to login view.

On the SC5000 & SC6000 yes, this is true.

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Well, mine is logging in automatically after a power cycle.

I understand the feature when another DJ is going to take over, but they don’t power cycle, do they?

So an option would be a faster log off method than the way it is now; instead of using the gear :gear: icon. Perhaps press&hold the streaming icon: “do you want to log off?”