How to create Library?

Hello i’m a new MCX8000 owner. Normally i use an Laptop with a DJ Software (not Serato), an external SSD with all my Tracks and control it now with my new Denon.

Now i will use the Controller as stand alone Controller too.

I 'm begining to create a library an the Engine Software copy’s all the Sound Files from the external SSD to my internal SSD in Drive C:\DENONDJ2 … this suck’s. How can i disable it? I don’t wan’t to have so much copys of my tracks

Update the firmware to the latest on the MCX8000

Then run the external SSD containing your music library through ENGINE PRIME (not ENGINE 1.5)

It wont make copies of the tracks in the external SSD.

Basically Engine Prime will use the same tracks as what your DJ software uses.

Your mileage may vary depending on what DJ software you were using to manage your library before.

Engine Prime can read dj libraries of the following - Rekordbox dj, Traktor and Serato. It can also read Itunes libraries.

Did you even take the time to read Engine user manual to understand its operation? I believe it will be a good starting point to begin with. If you encounter any problems afterwards, we are more than happy to land a helping hand. After you familiarise with Engine 1.5 operation, you can install Engine Prime also to get a grip on it. Just take into account that each of those softwares creates its own library which are not backward compatible. The important thing here is to update your MCX8000 firmware to the latest version.

Thank you all for your response. I’ve read some parts of the documentation but till today not all. :slight_smile: Before my Denon i’m Using the Virtual DJ Software. I’m Playing in Clubs and on private partys, there i need the Karaoke Function of VDJ for someone of my clients. Now if found out that Engine and Prime Angine are two different Softwares … until today i think it’s the same. When i wan’t to use the Denon as Standalone and my Dj Software i must have 2 librarys … or is there any other way?

Forget about Engine 1.5 completely.

Use Engine Prime.

You have two options

  • Option A (The Manual Way)

Open Virtual DJ and Engine Prime side by side, see if you can drag your crates/playlist from VDJ to EP. You may need to manually create the crates in Engine Prime.

Eg if you have a crate called “Top 40” in Virtual DJ, Make a crate in EP with the same name. Copy the contents (drag) of VDJ Top 40 to EP Top 40.

Rinse and repeat till you are satisfied. Everytime you had new tracks to VDJ you will need to repeat the steps so that engine prime can see the songs.

With that said, you will not have hot cues, loops that were created in virtual DJ in EP with that method. You will have to do all that again manually.

  • Option B (Automated way & Mac Only)

You can look into using a third party app to do this as well. Use Google to search for “dj conversion utility”. Its a swiss army tool that can help. This should transfer your cue points, loops, …not sure about beatgrid.

Search for this video on YouTube


You may want to start a feature request if there is none already, requesting Virtual DJ support for Engine Prime.

Please search the forum first to see if such requests is already live.

Last lastly, you need two apps for the process

Thank u so much for all this information - at first i will try the manual way … then i will check the other option :slight_smile:

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The MCX8000 supports FAT and HFS

Just to be aware before you go in too deep.

Hope your external SSD is in that format?