How To Connect Hardware Sampler To X1850

Greetings. Me: Hobbyist DJ/‘Addicted’ Avid Music Collector Current setup: (2) SC6000Ms, x1850 Mixer, (2) VL12’s

Issue: I need help (so far Denon Support has been unable to assist) connecting AKAI Professional MPX8 to the X1850. MPX8 to be solely used for DJ Drops to brand my mixes. A feature I lost coming from a Denon DJ Controller + Serato setup.

MPX8 has L/R TRS 1/4 Main Outs which I figure would go into FX Receive on the mixer. So far I have had no luck with Denon Support and will like to return MPX8 while the return window is still remain if it’s not compatible with the x1850.

Has anyone paired a hardware sampler to the X1850 or knows how to?

There’s the option of stitching DJ Drops into a single file and using cue points or using the B layer on the Media players (which adds to the workflow) - none of which are preferred.

Any help will be appreciated.

Many thanks

Hello @LowKeyBoy Welcome to the forum.

I use a Maschine Plus with X1800, so basically same type of inputs and outputs. I run it on one of the channels normally. If You want to capture some sound out of X1850, You have couple of options:

  1. Booth output
  2. Rec output
  3. Headphones output

Send/Return is not best option here, as it works like an insert. It disconnects the output, sends it to Your device, and then needs it back in to the mixer. From sampler, You not always want to send back the signal, before You prepare it. And also not always You want to cut the signal when recording a sample.

This is the way to do it. Get 1/4 ts to rca jacks.

Thanks NoiseRiser & Wyley1. So I guess I there’s no way to connect the sampler the way I had envisioned. An input to the mixer that goes to all outputs (headphones, main, rec out etc.); like the software does on Serato. Currently all 4 channels are set to digital using coaxial cables so patching MPX8 to a channel via RCA would require switching the input selector for said channel for every instance DJ Drop is triggered.

If so, MPX8 is going back while the window is still open for return/refund; and I may have to revisit the 2 options I wasn’t too keen on.

Maybe some time in the future Denon might provide a firmware solution.

There are probably better choices. Will you actually have all 4 decks going when you want to use samples?

Firmware will not give You more channels. You need 5 channels then and a separate send. That’s exactly how I need it too. Because of that I want to buy Xone 96 (all in’s and outs are there as I need them) 2 sends and 4 returns, master send/return insert, Master 2 (can be used as master send), secondary assignable cue - can be used as another send. So many in/out options for samplers, fx processors, loopers, etc…

I hope, that we could get from Denon a mixer, that has more channels too… And preferably 2 sends and 2 returns separately from on board fx send/return.

This is how it do it with the x600. Although it’s only a 2ch mixer it has s/r and aux input.

In this setup I can still use the mixer’s effector and I can fill up sample slots on my loopstation.

Thanks. MPX8 is going back though. Doesn’t appear to be the solution. Maybe - a firmware update for the media players to handle samples will be ideal. I mean if Denon can make the players control SoundSwitch and lighting, at the very minimum, the ability to play (not record) samples should be on the cards for future enhancements. I believe the Prime 4 can play samples - so Denon just copy/paste the code to the SC series already! :slight_smile:

Yes I have all 4 channels (on mixer) connected to the media players for all layers; though in actuality, I barely use the B layers. Though I can connect the MPX8 to RCA on one of the channels; and use the input selector every time I want to trigger a Drop; that will introduce too many steps to workflow that has the potential of tripping me up should I forget to switch the selector back to ‘Digital’ source.

I did not know this would be an issue when I was considering these media players - though considering their current feature set and potential, this is just an inconvenience.