How to connect external speakers, phone, Dmx Lights, microphone etc

Hello, Im beginner basement DJ at home. I am starting this journey as a hobby so I can spend time on music after my work(I work in IT as a computer program analyst) so I want to detox through music after work. Anyhow, looking for comprehensive guides on how to connect various devices to DJ controller since I’m struggling.

I bought SC Live 4 as I won a deal(40% off) in my area(Michigan, USA).

I have an external speaker that I would like to connect to SC live 4 and not sure what cable is needed and if I need to press some button to switch to external speakers? (I see Aux In and Aux Out option in my speaker) speaker model is VeGue Speaker/Karaoke.

I also want the DMX lights to connect but not sure if I have to spend money on software etc. How DJ’s getting around lighting setup when they stream music on the fly?(cuz you certainly can’t auto-script the streaming music for dmx lights to sync on the fly) maybe there’s a smart device which connects with the DMX lights ?

Lastly how do I connect my phone as music input so I can play from phone per guest request?(Basement party)(What buttons do I need to press on SC live 4 for it to happen etc.)

Im happy to read if there are blogs or links you may have.

Thank you for answering and helping the feelow beginner. Have a good day!

Hi shan, For connecting your speaker to the SC Live 4 you will need to use the cable supplied with the speaker labeled “1 x RCA to 3.5mm Audio Cable” and switch input on the speaker to aux in.

Until you master the basics of DJ I seriously suggest you set any lights you have to work in automatic mode, to just react to the music playing in the room.

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for the lightning go to the soundswitch site

or use the youtube channel: Getting Started with Engine Lighting - YouTube

Start wit the Enginge Lightning standard version and buy some HUE Bulbs. This would give you basic light shows synced with the Beats. At least at your own home.

If you want to got deeper, use the pro version. The preparation for SS to autoscriped new songs is not really time consuming if you have created a SS light show and you use the same light set up.

Otherwise you have a tone of information using just google. Since most questions are answered in so many ways. Or go to Youtube there a also tons of videos for beginner djs.

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