How to Analyze SDD Internal Drive In Prime 4

How to Analyze SDD Internal Drive With Music Pre-Loaded Before Installation?

This sounds simple but I’ve notice no one speaking on this for people like me that are totally new to the Denon Prime 4 world :-).

The idea is to install a blank drive, then import your music to Engine desktop software, then transfer to the drive.

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Ok, so I guess I have to delete the internal 1.5T SSD and basically start from scratch?

If you plug in your Prime 4 via the blue USB cable and put it into computer mode then you should see it appear as a drive in Engine. You can add them to your collection and analyse them this way if your music is already on this Prime 4 internal drive.

It works like a standard USB drive this way.

Just to add to MrWilks post above, that blue cable supplied with the device with the ‘fatter’ connection on one end is an ultra high speed USB protocol so using that specifically will speed up the export of music considerably. A normal USB cable won’t.

Whilst this is true, in order to see the collection, you’ll always need to have the drive connected.

The preferred way of working is to have your ‘source’ music collection on your computer, and have the Prime drive as the ‘destination’. You then only sync to the destination when necessary. All prep can be done on the computer without the Prime drive connected.

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This is the way that I do it too.

I was thinking as the music was already on the drive there is no more importing but if the collection is small and it won’t take long to copy over again it’s the better way.

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