How to add music/update your current engine library from serato

Hi All,

So I recently purchased the prime 4. I am a serato user and a mobile dj. I am constantly updating my collection and today, fairly seamlessly managed to add new music to my current serato crates and get my engine library updated also. Heres how.

If you are like me, you have a hard drive with folders named as genres of music. In these folders is your music and your crates in serato should mimic the hardrive folders.

  1. Add your new music to your current folders on the hardrive.
  2. Open serato, and drag and drop the updated folders onto the serato crates. THIS WILL ONLY ADD THE ADDITIONAL MUSIC AND NOT CREATE DUPES.
  3. click date added and it will show you your added music so you can analyse.
  4. repeat the above until your serato is up to date.
  5. back up serato library.
  6. open engine prime.
  7. click the serato tab and hit the refresh icon.
  8. click on a crate and ensure you have the date added column available.
  9. click date added and it will show you what music you just added to serato library.
  10. select the newest tracks and drag and drop them into your appropriate engine playlist 11 repeat until engine is updated with newest music.
  11. back up engine library

I hope the above helps and i am open to suggestions from anyone who has other advice. It is a needlessly long way of doing things, denon need to streamline this process in a similar way to serato, you should just be able to drag and drop an updated serato crate onto the one in your engine collection and it just adds the newest music. Denon sort it out please.


Thank you for this, this is exactly how I update my music.

It’s still a challenge though, because sometimes I can update 10 different genres of music with dozens of songs!

Denon definitely needs to streamline this process.

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Don’t know where denon is going with these minor updates, entire ecosystem needs redesign, there should be no need for such acrobatics…

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Exactly my workflow too, one other thing I do is have a 0 in front of my main genre folders so they are always at the top of the folder structure in finder… then my playlists on my software are copies of that folder structure.

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Back then before third party apps

  1. I created a Main crate in serato and all my other crates and subcrates were nested under this main crate.

  2. After I refresh Serato in Engine, I delete the previous imported “Main” playlist in Engine collection and add it again from the Serato.

  3. This saves me from trying to figure out which of my serato crates contains new tracks

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Yeah that’s sensible, I guess it’s dependant on the qty of music you’re buying at any one time, mine is usually around 15/20 tracks at the most.

image Just hint…