How long did it take for you?

Not another post about Prime 4 impatience???

No, thankfully it isn’t.

I’ve finally had a 8 day break in between gigs due to a cancellation and a venue refurbishment, so I’ve push the latest firmware into my SC5000s and the X1800. All went fine with those.

I’ve also upgraded Engine Prime, which of course has made changes to the Engine Prime database structure. Engine Prime has recognised my external hard drives and is saying “Please Wait until database is upgraded (10%)” there’s a swirly spinning activity circle and various clicky whirring noises of different tones from the hard drive.

But how long did everyone else’s Engine Prime take to get past this stage? Mines been showing 10% for the last 30 mins. This is a 2tb drive with just over 100,000 tracks on it, including a few thousand video tracks, which we can play the audio from.

Did anyone else have a long time to wait for this stage?