How learned beatmixing on a DN-D2000F

Hi, when it comes to Legacy models with a capital “L” there is no machine like the DN-d2000F. Who else learned his/hers beatmixing skills on the 2000?

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Never mastered it on those (wasn’t bothered at the time), but I do remember it wasn’t an easy thing to do LOL

I never saw the 2000f in person. The first unit I got was the 2600f

I learnt the art of mixing with Cd’s on the 2000F back in the day.

Started on the old Citroic powered Avon decks with belt drive! Who remembers those?

Took abit of getting used to, but learnt how to ride those pitch bend buttons for really good mixes!

Even did a couple of Mash Ups with long transitions.

Anyone who has come from Vynl will know, you have to use the old ears. No waveforms or beat grids lol :slight_smile:

Loved it, feeling the beet!

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But Technology has given the DJ to really express and be creative!

Amen, brother. Miss those MacGuyver days!

My first cd player was a denon 2500f. Great device back in the days. My first turntables were a belt drive one from my dad and a sony direct drive one. Very challenging to learn beatmatching with those.

i still have a 2000 right here and i still like it. i didn’t use it for learning tho but coming from vinyl playing with the 2000 was easy in comparison. a great no-nonsense device and i really liked the rubber buttons :sunglasses:

I have a 2000f mk2 surprisingly it plays any cds commercial or cd r which is pretty surprising for a cd player of that age and also even the 4000f didnt want to read cd-r burned above 10x but the 2000 does the 2000f was just really good, I think its the most basic fundamental dj player after vynil turntables, if you can understand how a 2000 or an 1800 works and beatmatch you will feel comfortable on any player

I learnt mixing with CD’s on the 2000 Mk1 & 2 and an Ecler mixer. Absolutely right, if you can mix on this kit, you can mix on any gear.

Rember making a mix tape and friends going that’s not you, then I showed them.

That’s what makes mixing fun, not…oh I can keep a mix on beat for over a minute and expect the equipment to stay in sync.

You never had beat grids or waveforms in the old days, nice and simple.

Use the ears and ride those pitch bend buttons, nudge or grip that spindall or platter for the real deal on vynal !

Don’t get me wrong, love the new technology. Allows for great creativity, miss the days of simplicity :sunglasses:

Ya, sometimes I miss the simpler days too… Although if I had to go back, I’d probably try to go back to something at least with a simple jog wheel (like a 2000mk3). I could put together some beautiful mixes on my old mk1, but god forbid I needed to start that mix two minutes into a track - fast forward and rewind were a nightmare! haha

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I learned mixing on vinil years, but I love my D2000F MK3!!

I played on an dn2500f for a few years in a local club.