How I relocated my 'Red' tracks in my Engine DJ Database

After moving many of my physical tracks around, I then needed to do something to correct my database, losing all my cues and loops wasn’t going to fly, here’s my story of the start of my utility to help in this situation. Watch my video to see how I relocated the paths

How I fixed my 'Red' missing files in Engine DJ - YouTube


Hi there, this is an impressive piece of work!! Are you willing to share it somewhere (git)? I wonder if these usefull features will ever appear in Engine DJ (e.g. as seen in Traktor: “Relocated Tracks”)


Here you have an option to delete the red songs

Sure I will be sharing after the next batch of amendments that I am currently working on, the primary one being Auto Relocate, I’ll post again once I have that in place.

Thanks for your input, Delete is already included in my utility as it is in Engine DJ itself.

Hi, well done! :+1: :+1: :+1:Many people will appreciate your utility. Keep us informed!