How does the internal processing on the X1800 compare to the DN-X1700, DJM900NXS2, and MP2015?

I do not like the internal processing of the DJM800, even when bypassing the AD and DA conversion and going pure digital. I adore the X1700’s internal processing. I have not had a chance to do a side by side comparison of the X1700 to the DJM900NXS2, but when I’ve used the latter on four or five occasions have not particularly had a problem with it. I have also heard very good things about the MP2015 from trusted sources, though I have not had a chance to use or test one yet. So how is the X1800’s sample rate conversions and general DSP implementation compare to these other mixers given Denon DJ/InMusic is marketing a “Legacy Denon Sound” by stating the use of 24/96. The DJM800 is 24/96 and inferior to these other three mixers’ internal processing. Have you done any subjective comparisons, objective tests, and can you give more details on the X1800’s internal number crunching and hardware inside? Thanks for your time.

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Hi Ben

Numbers can be useful and indeed there’s a huge amount of number crunching going on inside both the X1700 and the X1800. The X1800 is a highly advanced mixer, not only compared to the X1700 of a few years ago - but of course, that’s only to be expected of a Prime mixer, released in 2017.

As useful as numbers are, let your ears be the judge.