How do you guys best handle sample playback on the sc5000’s?

Wondering how you guys handle playing samples on the sc5000’s? Do you create a sample song file (with various samples inside) and load it up in another layer, then trigger by hotcues/loops? Or is there a better way? I have some NI F1’s I could use to trigger from computer, but wanted to be standalone.

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Great question I would think you use the two channels with a really long track

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Great question @DJ-Rocc I’ve been experimenting with both my sc5000 (and my Pioneers) as ad hoc samplers using the hot cue buttons to triggers samples/loops on one or both layers of the sc5000. I had been creating single tracks with 8 different samples per track (unquantized from track to track, just hot cued) - but recently I’ve tried creating sample tracks containing more than eight samples but spaced a part in such a way that once a sample has been looping, I can use the beat jump to track ahead to a related sample. Sometimes the work to set these up aren’t really worth the payoff but it’s been a fun experiment.

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You could use the beat sequencer in Traktor to space out your samples.

I use propllerheads reason to to make and record sequenced samples.


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@wyley1 I am going to try out your Traktor suggestion - thanks . In the past I’ve used RB amazingly simple yet convenient and usable ‘save loop as wav’ function - which is great for small loops. Basically my workflow is a WIP when it comes to grabbing samples to be used as loops , but by chance I was gifted a F1 today so I’ll be driving into that aspect of Traktor anyways.

Although I’ve been a Traktor user for 12 years I’ve never gotten into the new features they added like sample/remix decks or the beat sequencer. I mentioned it cause the op said he had an f1.

If you have an iPhone you could use GarageBand to do the same. Actually I’ve been using my iPhone a lot lately for music because I can work with it discretely anywhere. I even bought an Irig interface for it.

By all means try out Traktor. It has a pretty good collection of samples and you can download more also. I have all it’s samples on usb stick for the sc 5000m just not spaced out though.