How do you fix a quiet Mic?

I’m plugging a Shure SM58 directly into the Mic input on the Mixstream Pro and the resulting volume level is very low when talking. What are some potential solutions for getting more volume out of my mic? Do I need a different mic or some sort of device between the mic and the controller?

How are You holding the microphone?

Hint: Proper mic handling when in use, can increase the clarity and volume a lot. Don’t hold the mic by Your chest. Straight in front of the mouth. This gives like 500% boost compared to holding it down.

Proper mic cables (don’t mix with dmx cables, they have extra 110 Ohm resistance l, that can act like attenuation).

If You have Your sm58 with a switch - it’s position matters. It can also be a weak spot, as I seen that some older sm58’s had bad soldering at the switch.


Thanks I feel silly but your tips helped a lot. I still have to turn the gain all the way up but at least I’m coming through at a good volume

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Good that it helps, then troubleshoot the cables and mic it self.


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Assuming you have everything covered already mentioned above and have the Main output volume at unity (wherever that is on it), you can turn the sound system up, and then turn all the non-mic multi-track stuff down, which in this case are the channel Levels on the Mixtream. So, if you usually run the music at a maximum peaking of 2 LEDs down from top of the meters with only 1 LED for “oops” headroom, then instead try 3 LEDs down with 2 LEDs for music headroom. You can also cut the channel mids a bit as a crude kind of talkover, assuming there isn’t already a talkover function and the channel tone controls only affect the music and not the mic. The other alternative is to get either a more sensitive mic or an external mic preamp.

The left side of this picture is where the mic always ends up with people, no matter what you tell them! lol The more they talk, the lower in goes.

Maybe someone should make a foam mic windscreen that says “Towards mouth”, “Hold me closer”, or “Eat me”. A light-colored one and a permanent marker might do the same.

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This is a pretty clever solution so I’m gonna mark this one. I really wish the numark mixstream had talkover, I feel like that’s the real issue here.

No talkover required. It’s another one of those “assistance” tools that isn’t strictly necessary. While you talk on the mic, simply lower the channel fader, then raise it again when you finish.

Some DJs prefer to do it manually as it offers more control.

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