How do you control the Fader Start?

In theory for me, the fader start feature is a nice idea and would allow for some nifty track changes if we had more control over it. Currently, anytime I enable fader start and move the crossfader to that deck, the track starts at the Cue point. But for some reason when I try to use this during a mix, using the fader start triggers the track to start playing at some random point in the middle of the track and not the cue point. Im not sure why this is, or if anyone else experiences this. Have I misunderstood how to use the track start feature?

What I would like to do is whilst im messing around with loops and rolls during the end of one track, Is flick the cross fader and have the next track start quickly which should basically reduce a 2 step process down to 1 step. Rather than when flicking the crossfader over, having to trigger a hot cue at the same time. Moreover, what I would really like to do is be able to get the fader start feature to start the track at a chosen hot cue for that track.

Also since the track start features only gets the active deck to start, what would be amazing is the ability to start both decks 1&2 or 3&4 at the same time from given hot cues using fader start. The possibilities with this would allow for some really cool tricks with 4 decks.

I know I’ve got a few feature desirables here but does anyone experience the same issue as me? Is any of this level of control possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


+1 for the fader start improv

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