How do you clean your prime go?

What type of cloth and fluid/s do you use?

Personally I rarely let fluids touch my prime, only if it’s absolutely necessary and then I do it very carefully.

For the screen I use Calyptus screen cleaner according to it’s instructions. (

For cleaning dust / particulate I use an electric air duster because it has no fluids ( )

I don’t blow directly in any of the sliders / creases as it’ll eventually build up dust over time and cake into soldering on connections. At as much of an approach angle as possible is preferred so less is packed in the unit itself. You could also get one with two way potential so that you can use the vacuum function.

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Rarely, with a soft fabric for lenses and water. But just slightly wet, just enough to do the job.

Very often with a paint brush, to remove the dust.

I too, do not brush or clean directly in any of the sliders. I do not blow air in any of the sliders …


I use a paintbrush and this