How do I use Engine with my usb drives?

I am new to Engine software and all my files (15,000 mp3s) are on drives (in 20 folders). How do add them to engine (on win10) and properly put them back on usb as Engine ready files to use on my MCX8000 to use as a stand alone player. Thank you all for explaining.

The drives you have your tracks on now, they are hard drives? Do you want all your music on one USB-device for MCX?

They are on 2 64gb 2.0 flashdrives I have a 128gb 3.0 flashdrive. Stick I would like to use as my media source for my mcx800 as a standalone

Drag your files into your engine library, analyse them, then plug in your Destination Engine USB sticks it will show up in if it’s properly formatted for engine,

you can create playlists in them and drag the tracks into playlist. With that size of library though be prepared to wait especially with the 2.0 sticks.

Also sort your playlist and tracks in the order you’d will most likely want to play them before exporting to Engine.

But the music is already on the flash drive. I have dragged them into Engine, they’ve been analyzed, and I’ve done the “Engine Target Database” onto this same flash drive… but I cannot get any music files to show up on the display screen, when I plug said usb stick into the MCX8000, and use the selection knob.

Are you using 1.5 or Prime?

Is the thumb drive formatted the right way?

I’ve tried both including the new version of Prime for MCX8000.

Yes the drive is formatted in Fat 32.


The fast method:

  1. Create one partition to HDD (minimum 64GB) or create one folder and share R/W permission and connect the share in associated drive letter.
  2. Copy all file and folder to the created empty partition/folder.
  3. Open Engine. (Prime fastest, but not compatibile older player: SC2900 freeze after trcak change).
  4. Select the new drive letter for Target database and open it.
  5. Open Total Commander or explorer and drag all file/folder in the root folder.
  6. Program freeze 1-10sec and read file information.
  7. After full info readed and listed in soft, wait… building waveform data. (progress bar before name).
  8. If all created, no pending operation, eject the drive (if not available, simple close the program).
  9. Copy all file and folder to USB drive WITH HIDDEN DIRS AND FILES!!!

The directory structure not modified, the files modified! Need to replace original (mp3) files!

Slowest method:

  1. Open Engine
  2. Select pendrive to Target
  3. If empty, drag to all file/folder in root folder.
  4. Wait more than 5x time: writing and reading speed very slow in pen. All file rebuilding, 64GB readed and writed. The HDD R/W speed more than 50MB/s, the pen with USB3.0 read speed lower than 40MB/s and write speed lower than 20MB/s (R-W-R-W-R-W speed lower than 10MB/s).

The first method better, but need more space in PC. The created partition or share = pendrive backup! If available more space, do not delete! This is a “fake” background database, enough only copy the another pendrive and working without Engine!