How do I update the Engine Library when adding to Serato?

I can not seem to figure out how to update the library when I add a few songs to a playlist that I am using from Serato. Any tips? Or maybe I am doing this wrong.

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In other words, how do I update my Engine playlist from my Serato playlist that I just added songs to?

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You can update the tracks in your collection

  1. Open Serato tab in Engine

  2. Right click on the Serato (the first or second item) in the left panel.

  3. It should give the option to refresh/update collection

  4. When that is completed

  5. Select the all library tracks under Serato and import/add to Engine Collection

See here for limitations

Hi @mufasa I do not see an engine tab to refresh the Serato link library. Where is that? I am using a Mac by the way. Thanks!

EDIT: I understand what you mean now.

You can’t is the short answer, you can update your main collection each time but you’ll have to manually add music to playlists in both software.

The general idea is that you’re using a Prime product designed for standalone use, therefore you no longer wish to use DJ software. You’re transitioning away from that because you bought a standalone product.

Based on that concept, Engine DJ has an import function so that you can bring in the library from your DJ software as a one-off job, then use Engine DJ from that point onwards.


@PKtheDJ You know what, that makes sense. I never really thought of it that way.

If you think about it, most DJ software is like that too. They allow you to import but to a limited degree, and usually don’t allow you to export to competing software formats.

That’s where utils like Lexicon or the old Rekord Buddy come in. They benefit from the fact there’s no one single database format that can be exchanged between programs.

For me, importing from my DJ software (VirtualDJ) wasn’t directly possible anyway, but I managed to transfer some stuff by using iTunes in between.

I just treat the two as completely separate entities.

It is an unnecessary limitation.

As it is , if I refresh my Serato tab in Engine I can see all updates to my serato library and Serato crates.

I would welcome if they allow one to do a full import again with options - overwrite Engine library playlists or update Engine library playlists.


Not really a limitation though, is it? If you’re just adding a few tracks, you could bring them in directly. No need to involve Serato.

Well, yes, there would be quite a few reasons to do this:

  1. Every other DJ software properly imports files and directories. Engine DJ Desktop does odd duplication, complicating adding new tracks
  2. Engine DJ Desktop, by itself, will result in you having to re-start your entire collecting multiple times without any good reason. Might as well use a software that you can trust, and use that as a starting place.
  3. Standalone gear doesn’t actually have the ability to scan/analyze new tracks. So, even though we bought standalone gear, and it was advertised that it could analyze itself, it’s practically impossible to use this feature because you have to interact with each track, one at a time, individually.

Syncing ten tracks to Prime 4+ SSD over USB3.0 should not take an hour. Syncing immediately after a sync should take seconds, as there is nothing to update, it should not take the 30m-1h+ I’ve seen it take. These are fundamental flaws in the software that need to be addressed.

These guys are right, though. The “Import” functionality is kind-of designed to be done a single time, helping you get from Rekordbox/Serato into Engine DJ Desktop, but it’s what I resorted to falling back on. I can’t keep losing my Import Date because every month I have to format the SSD and rebuild my entire collection.