How can know what playlist contain track?

Hi friends, there is a way to know on engine dj Desktop, how many playlists and wich playlists contain specific track? Suppose that i delete a playlist that contain a track, how can do to know if that track is also in another playlist made? Sorry for my bad english

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you can place your vote on the feature request here.

Search (find) in which playlists a track is present - Feature Requests / New/Open Requests - Engine DJ Community

done. So I’m forced to update the rekordbox library again, and import it into engine, to continue to have this function that is present on rekordbox

Not sure on that, i don’t really use Rekordbox, or in fact have the need to know what playlists my music is in, so im not best placed to answer.

I come from rekordbox, and I guarantee you that the function we are looking for exists on that program, and it is really very convenient. On the engine you have to write the name of the track in the search field, and scroll through the playlists one at a time, to see if it is present. A real hassle and a huge waste of time.