How can I set or move the initial cue point while playing

  • Firmware Version: 1.3.2

  • Steps to Reproduce: - Deck in vinyl mode, deck playing and joggle for new cue point - Please watch video

  • Expected Result: - should set the cue point to the play point

  • Actual Result: - Snaps back to the original cue point

  • Reproducibility: - Happens all times


In Play mode it should go back to the cue.

In Pause mode it should make a cue.

If you’re in vinyl mode it’s still in Play mode.

If you want to set a cue while playing use shift+cue.


Or hit loop in. Or use a hot cue.

I am not opposed to the idea of hitting cue when you’re holding the platter in play mode setting a new cue, as Pioneer and Gemini now do it, but old Denon does it the way it currently is and we do have shift+cue, after all.

Ok I missed this one but seems so complicated having bend my fingers quite a bit to reach the shift button.

How about holding down the cue button for a second I think pioneer does it this way?

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Or press play/pause for half a second and then cue :wink:

On an SC5000 the shift is located near the play and cue buttons. On Prime4 the shift button was relocated to the other side of the deck…then you indeed need bigger hands.

This is expected behavior. Moving to general area.

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