How can I remove a track from the collection?

This is a really basic question but I didn’t find any answer so far!

I can remove tracks from crates (right-click --> remove from crate), but how can I remove them from the main collection? If I remove the original file, it shows up in red in Engine Prime, but I want to delete this “red” line!

Any suggestion will be more than welcome

Hi Franki,

In Engine Prime, please go to the main collection tab and find the song in question, right click and select ‘remove from collection’.

I hope this helps


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thanks, now it’s working, I don’t understand what I did before… sorry for that

No problem, glad it’s working good for you!

Had the same problem - it seems when the track is loaded in you can’t remove it from collection. I loaded a different track and the ‘remove from collection’ button got enabled.

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