How can I manually back up Tidal Downloads on Medium?

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How can I manually back up Tidal Downloads and the saved information about the track from a medium?

Which file types / extensions are these?


Unfortunately, I had to format my medium once - syncing back works perfectly - but then unfortunately all Tidal tracks and information have disappeared - which is very annoying

Thank you for your support

There are no downloads, only streaming - so there’s nothing to back up.

Track info is stored in the database.

There are 3 databases at the medium. Wich one is the right with the Tidal Track Infos?

Why not backup all 3? They could be dependent on each other in code. Honestly I backup the entire folder including the songs. If you use some of the nicer backup solutions out there, like borg with vorta UI, it will analyze your files and only save what changed. So your first backup is everything, and subsequent backups only what changed.

This way you do not need to worry about what to backup to save space. You have everything backed up at all times.

If you do not like borg, search for other solutions. You should look for those that offer differential backups with compression. I do not run windows or mac so cannot make any other recommendations.


Thanks for the tip but all tracks and engine database are on my Mac as the main drive. There I have Time Machine and it works wonderfully.

My only concern is to save the Tidal BPM, KEY set cues and the waveform.

Unfortunately, these are not synchronized in engine - if that were so, I wouldn’t have to worry.

What is this “medium” you talk about? You don’t necessarily have to use the Sync Manager in Engine DJ. Just back up the database folder from the “medium” yourself.

The medium I mean is my SSD in Prime4 what I use for Tidal

Got you. I was under the impression the extra info on the song was in the DB. Personally I had a tidal account and tried it with Prime Go and it was a pain in the ass. The download was slow, then you had to wait to get the song analyzed and then it gets erased after your session. Streaming under such conditions is just not for me and I refuse to put myself through that pain.


Add some context fam… what sorta internet speed have you got? gprs, edge, 3g, 4g, gigabit?

No issues with Tidal download speeds here…FLAC and AAC.

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Tried it at home with a very decent throughput. And that was only one issue I mentioned. It seems to me Tidal streamed songs cannot be prepared in advance at home anyway…so this is very much an ad-hoc element and I am not a huge fan in the middle of mixing to be basically importing and analyzing songs.

But anyways…this was a personal observation. I am just puzzled why enough people are so pleased with streaming to their decks. Perhaps I do not understand their workflows. Could be…

One more point…yourself you pointed out the importance of the internet speed. If you rely on streaming for your gig, you are relying on the connection you will have at the venue. If you are a mobile DJ, this can be a very big unknown. More reasons not to rely much on streaming.

your point is valid. One can’t do the granular prep work before hand in engine os. I use the Tidal app for curation.

I use it as a supplement to my core collection.

I do bars and pubs residencies. Did 3 weddings/functions . I’ve tethered to my phone, used venues WiFi etc. All with no qualms.

You do really have reading comprehension problems. So this is another post that everyone else can work out what the person means by medium except you.

He means media, if you want any more hand holding, perhaps read the post, read it again, then don’t post anything if you can’t post anything useful?

Hand, etc.

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