How can I make Playlist that include track from my USB, Beatport Link & Amazon Streaming?

Hi, I have the SC Live 4. I am trying to find a way to make playlists that incorporate music from multiple sources. It is a real pain having to switch between Beatport, Amazon streaming, USB etc and is interrupting the flow of my mixes.

I currently cannot seem to find a way to do this easily.

I have noticed that the tracks I play (from various sources) end up in the ‘History’ folder, and from there I can quickly load them into channels with out having to switch sources. But surely there should just be a way to create these playlists manually, without having to use the History folder.

I wonder if I am missing something?!

After you listen (and analyze by Engine OS) once those songs taken from streaming services, it ends up in your local collection. At that point you can find those tracks if you select your local collection (both from the console and also from the PC software), and you can also find those tracks as a result of the local search which you can do via the “search” page of the console .

I don’t own a live 4 and haven’t used amazon music yet either but with my players and beatport I use a little workaround. Iam sure this will work for other streaming services as well.

  1. I connect my USB stick to my playern and use them, select the Beatport source and download once all the tune that I want to sort.

  2. When done, remove the USB stick and connect it to the PC. In Engine DJ Desktop you will find all “downloaded tunes” in the collection as a new entry with the path on your stick. These songs are slightly grayed out and are just meta data and only playable on the device (not Desktop).

  3. Now I can create my own playlists and sort these tunes there.

  4. Transfer new state / new playlists to the USB stick.

  5. Now I have access to tunes from Beatport within my USB source / playlists (Prerequisite: active Beatport Acc, Acc is logged in to the device)

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Oh yeah… google translater takes to long xD you already had the answser

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Fantastic, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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