How can I make my scripted tracks work on an other computer with serato remotes

Currently I’m able to make the auto loops work on my other laptop that is connected to the same wifi network as the other laptop with soundswitch and that other laptop is not using soundswitch and works via serato remotes but the scripted tracks does not get triggered when I play the songs that should be scripted only autoloop, maybe I’m missing something or some concept bause when I use serato on the same laptop where soundswitch is the scripted track works

Hi Luis,

Double check your settings here:

I do have bonjour installed, and I’m able to see and use the serato remote but the scripted track does not get triggered, only outoloops from the other computer. Is there something I’m missing? Maybe the track should be on a specific location or something like that?

Pd: If I use serato on the same computer where soundswitch is the scripted track works

HI Luis,

I’ve answered this in our SS support. Let’s keep it there.


I’ve been having this same issue where, when using Serato and Soundswitch on two separate computers on the same network, they will connect (in Serato, the active remote is Soundswitch, and in Soundswitch, the Serato indicator is active), but only autoloops will play, not scripted tracks.

I’ve tried reinstalling Bonjour on both computers, and I’ve also tried copying the mp3 files from the Soundswitch computer to the Serato computer again to make sure they both have the same metadata. Both the Serato computer and the Soundswitch computer are running Windows 11, if that helps narrow it down. I also want to add that I’ve tried using Serato and Soundswitch on the same computer and scripted tracks work as expected.

Maybe this is not an issue with Soundswitch and a limitation of Serato? I’m thinking maybe Serato isn’t sending the track information that Soundswitch needs when operating over the network as opposed to on the same computer.

However, I’m not aware of the technical side of how Serato and Soundswitch connect, so any clarification to help me troubleshoot would be much appreciated!

Take a look at theses guides here:

Did you email Soundswitch support?

Just curious, is there a reason why you want a two laptop set up?