How can I export the tracks of a playlist created in the engine to the computer or to a USB?

in Serato I can copy the created crates to a hard disk, and thus I have all the songs that I have selected in that crate in a folder outside the program. how can i do that in engine dj

Create a folder with the same name of the playlist. Drag the songs from the list in Engine in/on-to the folder. Done.

I have created a folder with the same name as the playlist on the USB, I open the engine playlist, I select the tracks from the plylist and when I drag them to the new folder, I get a forbidden signal when I want to drop the songs in the folder . Could you give me more information or send me an image that will help me really thank you very much!!

it’s weird because my 1st idea does not gives probs to drag music into folder.

  • SOLUTION: you have to make the folder ON your computer 1st.

After the music is in that folder you bring that folder to your usb. (i think it doesn’t allow you to drag music to an external storage…)

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you are my hero!!! thanks a lot lot lot lot!!! thank you very much indeed! you are a crack! Thank you very much, first, for all the interest given and second, for finding such a wonderful solution! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Glad it worked out.