How can I add to a playlist on the Prime 4?

Here’s the scenario; I’m playing a set from the crates on my P4, and whilst playing decide I want to add that particular track to a playlist I’ve created. I can’t seem to find any way of adding the current playing track from the crate to the playlist from the P4 screen, I can add a playlist, but can’t find how to add a track to that playlist from the crates. Best I can do is bring up a track info panel, but even from there, there is no “add to playlist” option. I’m using the current v1.4 software.

Adding to playlists from a computer is not ideal either, as I fill up my crates using the Prime Engine software weekly using my Mac Pro desktop and have to carry my Prime 4 into my studio each time I want to add to it (my laptop only has a 500GB SSD, whereas my Mac Pro has many TB of storage). So trying to remember earmarked tracks and adding them into a playlist weekly is far from ideal. The whole reason I went standalone, is because I want to keep computers away from my DJ sets.

If someone can point me in the right direction, that would be great, or if it is planned in a future firmware update, please let me know.

Many thanks in advance.

You just select a song, and drag it to the playlist tou want. Let’s maintain the song over « playlists » a few seconds, and it will be like on Mac Os, the list of playlists will open.

Hi, thanks for your reply. When I try to select it, I tap and hold the touchscreen, which just brings the info panel up. Which screen are you on when you select the track? Also what is the method you are using to select?

There is a star rating option in the bottom left of the info panel, which I thought may be a way to earmark certain tracks, as I can’t seem to add to the playlist on the fly, but I can’t seem to do anything with that either, the stars just remain greyed out.

the stars remain gray because you cannot select them from the P4, you have to do it through Engine Prime, only you can decide how many stars to put on the track. However if you could select the stars directly from P4 it would be a nice thing. We hope for a future update.

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I agree. This needs to be done Denon. I bought it for the SOLE reason of being a standalone device. I want to be able to on the fly create playlists with drag and drop. I DON’T need album info or star info when holding down on a track. It should present, load, add to crate, add to playlist, or up next. Just that simple. It defeats the whole purpose of a stand alone if I have to plug it into a laptop to create a playlist without too many clicks. You guys have been great with everything, it just needs that last oomph over the finish line.


Follow this video guide:

Denon DJ Prime 4 Tutorial Part Thirteen - Touchscreen Library Management: Create & Edit Playlists