Hot cues not exporting to Prime 4

I’ve been organising my collection in Engine prime for a little while now but I’ve started to notice a lot of my tracks aren’t exporting to my Prime 4 with the hot cues. The tracks are mostly analysed on the unit but even then, some of them aren’t exporting with the correct beat grid or hot cues. Can anyone help me?

Hi @Guddah,

Do you remember to sync cues and analyzed tracks from the Prime 4 back to Engine Prime, before you make a new transfer from Engine Prime to the Prime 4?

Personally I start out by scanning my full library (70k tracks) in the collection in Engine Prime 1.5.0, to ensure the correct beatgrids.

Then I sync this to my USB.

When I then make changes to the USB from the unit (hotcues, loops etc) I sync those back to the collection before I transfer new music from the collection to the USB.

I’m not transferring to a USB at all, I’m organising in crates in Engine and then exporting straight to the SSD in my Prime 4. This is where the issue is. I’m creating the hot cues on all the tracks in Engine but when exporting the tracks 50-60% aren’t exporting with their hot cues. When I load the track on the prime 4, they are no hot cues.

Just think the Prime 4 ssd as a USB in my question above :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, that is exactly the issue. When exporting the tunes out of Engine, with their hot cues, they are then not appearing on my prime 4. I’m not setting them on the Prime 4, I’m setting them in Engine and then exporting them to the Prime 4. My question is, why are some of the tracks exporting with their hot cues but others aren’t?