Hot cue question or error?

I will try to explain it as best as possible to avoid misunderstandings. Prime 4, firmware 3.2.

The hotcue within a loop does not leave the loop if it is the same as the one at the beginning of the loop, the other Hotcues do leave the loop. Reproducible as follows:

Make a Hotcue mark, for example, on the first beat, and others at any point in the song. Make a loop on the first beat (the first beat is for the example works the same at any point).
While we have the loop running, if we press the Hotcue 1 button it plays from that point, but the loop continues… if during the loop we press any other Hotcue button the operation is normal, that is, the song continues through the hotcue pressed To be able to launch the song again while the loop is on from the first Hotcue, you have to exit by pressing the loop rotary button, I don’t know if I can explain it clearly,

I will try to upload a video, I think that when you press the button it should behave like others do it, and play from that point.

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I just simulated your problem with “The Bomb” [BucketHeads, Arman van Held Mix] on P4 v3.2.0. The result is as follows:

  • I set a 1 beat loop in to the intro on HoutCue 1
  • let him play some times
  • jumped to HotCue 4 and let the track play some beats
  • jerked back to HotCue 1

—> the track played without a loop, but the loop was highlighted

  1. I tested once with pushing the encounter knob, pre setting 16 beates, shortened to one beat
  2. I tested a second time with pushing the encounter knob, pre setting 1 beat,
  3. I tested a third time by pushing the in and out switches and shortened to one beat

The results in the three tests were as described above

Sorry not to report a better result on you

Enjoy the evening and brgds BeatMaster from HAM

Greetings @beatmaster, thanks for your interest…I will try to explain it better:

Create a loop at the beginning, where you have hotcue1 recorded, press play and the loop starts playing without problem, then press Hotcue 1 and it will start playing from that point, but without leaving the loop, except when you exit the autoloop, in the desktop engine I have verified that it works the same…

Shouldn’t the Hotcue button be hot-triggered like we do with the other Hot Cue buttons?


I have just proceeded as advised. The loop is looping as long as you are in the looping area. You can jump back / stuttering to the beginning (ticking HotCue1) and the loop is looping on and on.

As you jump to another HotCue or even any point by fingertipping to preview curve, you leave the looping mode at HotCue 1, but the looping area is still highlighted.

Imo it’S normal behavior. But so you are kindly requested to tell us, what behavior do you expect.

Do you expect that the loop is only temporay and a finished story?

Or do you exspect that the loop is still looping, when yo jerk back to HotCue1.

Pls be so kind as to advise, I hope I can assist you a little. But point of the essence for me is, what do you expect and do you think it’s a bug?

Furthermore the behavior depends on your personal settings for the gear in general.

Brgds BeatMAster

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Right, it seems like normal behavior, a denon characteristic.

If the loop were temporary, hotcue 1 could be used to start the song (imagine that you make a closed loop of 1/32, play with the pitch range and trigger the song, from that Hotcue).

I don’t see much sense in leaving the loop marked blank, since in Prime 4 there is no reloop option, like Pioneer has for example. Also, if you want to save the loop, that’s what the loop banks are for. I don’t expect anything since It seems like a characteristic of Denon,

I just suggest that the time loop created, it doesn’t make much sense to be marked blank, if in the middle of the song you can’t go back to that point… so it would be nice if the time loop It would fade away when you pressed the Hotcue 1 button, in this case…

thanks for your interest, regards

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