Hot Cue Behavior Options

Apologies in advance if this has already been asked/answered.

I was curious if the user has the option to define the behavior of the Hot Cues. For example:

Traktor uses a Gated/One-shot approach–pressing the hot cue plays the cue for only as long as it’s pressed; Playback stops as soon as the hot cue button has been released;

The CDJ system uses a Continuous Play approach–the track continues to play regardless whether or not the hot cue button is released or held down (this can be toggled, but only via Rekordbox DJ, defeating the purpose of a standalone player…I digress)


Hi Lostnthesound,

Yes, there is an option in the menu of the SC5000 to determine the hot cues behavior. Momentary and trigger which work the ways you have described. No need for external software to change this option.


Welp, I should’ve known that Denon had already thought of this since you’ve already thought of everything else DJ’s want. :sunglasses: Bravo.


The designers and developers of this series have put a lot of thought and consideration into these products. That said, don’t let that deter you from asking questions or making suggestions. New ideas and different workflows will def be considered.


I (and I’m sure many others) appreciate the transparency and direct communication, something that’s severely lacking with your competitors. FWIW, I’ve already pre-ordered my Prime system (2 x SC5000 + X1800) and have sold off my NXS2 system. This is coming from someone who has been a Technics/CDJ/Pioneer user for nearly 20 years. I look forward to the ride and am glad to support a company that has truly listened to what users want.


The other admins & I are more than happy to help. Congrats and thanks for the pre-order!! Let us know what you think when they arrive.


That will most likely be after 1 or 2 weeks, when he finally pry himself away from his new setup. LOL


What if… Like you have 2 looping modes now on the 5k selected via the ‘loop’ button being pressed an additional time, the same could be done with cue points? Some kind of indication would need to be added.

That is a 100% completely accurate statement @DJ_Vintage. :joy:

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Hi Rick, The 2 loop modes are indicated by the color of the ‘loop’ button. The 2 slicer modes are differentiated the same way(color of the slicer button). They both use the same color scheme - Color 1 = mode 1, Color 2 = mode 2. If the two Hot Cue modes were to be implemented that way, it would likely be the same setup. As it is set up now, the 2 Hot Cue behavior options are chosen inside the preferences menu. I’m curious if people would find it necessary to be able to quickly flip in between the two type of cue modes. For my workflow, I prefer to use saved loops instead of cues so I don’t rely on the cue behavior that much.

For me personally the setting trough preferences is more than enough, quick-flip would not be necessary, BUT I also think that other workflows always should be considered.

I just want to make a remark/suggestion on the possible way to implement, because I think users would expect that pressing the button twice could access the second Hot Cue Bank (because obviously 8 cues is not enough in the demands of the future ;))

Another way to implement this function could be with press and hold the SHIFT button, just like the Play/Pause button does. This would be a logical workflow since the Play Button is reacting the same and the possibility for a second Hot Cue Bank stays open. Only thing then is this could be tricky with clear a cue from a pad…

Hi Alan, It is all very well implemented already! I completely understand and agree you can’t change the indication method for cues nor should you (colours rock). There used to be an indication (can’t remember exactly what it was now) on the screen of the old S5k as to what behaviour was selected.

For me I could see easy access to to the 2 behaviour types being useful for example with 2 SC5k’s I would most probably use a single layer exclusively for one shot/samples but which layer of which deck could change multiple times during a session, I actually used to play like this on the old S5k’s.

Holding shift could work, But I think a switch like I dunno… Shift Cue would be better as it then still keeps your other hand free.

Hope I’m coming across clearly, It’s difficult to articulate something you haven’t played with yet!

Ahh now I get what youre saying about the indicators. That would be quite useful. Thank you for clearing that up for me.