Hoping for some hands-on at the DanceFair tomorrow, but what software?

Going to the DanceFair in Utrecht tomorrow where, it is confirmed, a Prime set will be present. I am hoping it won’t be hidden under a glass cover or out of reach of visitors. In which case one wants to bring a USB-stick with one’s own music, right? Clearly just a bunch of tracks will do, giving the option of testing the on-the-fly analysis.

But could I show up with my MCX8000 engine-prepped stick and take advantage of all the prep-work?

Guess the main question is, will Engine Prime based players be able to read Engine prepped sticks., i.e. backward compatible with Engine? Or will we have to wait for the new Engine Prime software to be available?

Hey Vintage!

The SC5000 does not read Engine 1.5 format. Engine Prime is a completely new and far advanced platform. Just bring a thumb drive with tracks, and you’ll be good! Enjoy DanceFair!


Also curious about the new Prime series. We’ll bring a USB Drive with us. Hopefully it’s possible to try them out:-)