History Folder - how does it work?

While I’ve seen it mentioned in various videos, I haven’t seen an explanation anywhere for how the history folder is going to work in Engine Prime and on the SC5000s.

What exactly is getting recorded into that folder, and where is it being saved (for example, if I’m pulling tracks from multiple USB sources)?

Being able to go back and see exactly what I played at a previous show (and more importantly, the order I played it in) is a major part of my workflow. Just want to make sure I’m not shooting myself in the foot on that as I get ready to transition to Prime!

As always - thanks for the info!

We’re about to film the full, huge, monstrously gargantuan, SC5000 Prime Tutorial video ToddOddity - that should answer your questions




Having just finished filming the SC5000 main tutorial video, I can offer a bit more light on the ‘History’ feature. Each time the unit is used, and in direct relation to a Users media source, that session is recorded, in ‘tracks played order’ and indicated numerically as ‘History 1’, ‘History 2’ etc. Remember that a users media source is auto-written with any live added or edited hot cues & loops? - well likewise the session ‘History’ is recorded also.

If a DJ plays for example a set on one SC5000 in a club in town ‘X’, and the session recorded (onto media source) there is ‘History 8’, then later that night he plays a set (using the same media source) in a club in town ‘Y’, then that would be recorded as ‘History 9’ - make sense?

The above may change and evolve in future FW updates but that’s the state of play so far as I understand it.


Thanks for the extra info Paul! How would that work if you were using multiple media sources? Would your playlist from the night end up spit up over different history files?

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I’d assume they’d sync up, but let me question the Product Team on that for you

Kind of a dumb question(s): can the history lists be exported (re-imported?) as a playlist and is it possible to export them as a basic .txt file? Not a big deal either way. Honestly, at this point I’m trying to reach for questions in an attempt to stump you guys since you’ve seemingly thought or everything. :slight_smile: Cheers!

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