History folder from set last night on pc

Yesterday I played another 5 hours set with my Denon Dj prime sc5000 and my Denon Dj x1800. Like the other sets, everything went very fine and smooth.

Today I wanted to look at the history folder. I can see the played tracks on my Denon Dj prime sc5000, but I can’t find or open a file to watch the history of last night on pc.

What can I do to watch the history folder on pc?

Many thanx & greetings

I really can’t find an option to look at the played tracks from last friday on my laptop. Is it possible with the engine prime software or do I need some other software? Or can you only see the history on the denon sc5000 primes?

Yes, in the Engine Prime software, navigate to the external device which was used at the gig, You’ll see the options of “> Collection”, “> Playlist”, and “> History”. Either click on the “>” prefixing the “History” heading, or, double click on “> History”. Either will expand the History folder, showing you entries for all days where history was made. Right click on any of the entries to Rename, or Remove the entries. Single click on any days history to have its tracks show.

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Hi thanx for the great explanation but I think that the engine prime software can’t find my external hard drive. I also read that many other people have the same problems.

I’m using 2 seagate 2tb hard drives and the engine prime software runs on a windows 10 laptop.


how did you put the music files on your seagate 2TB HDD, if you can’t find the drive with Engine on a Windows machine I wonder how you did analyse the music files etc.

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Hi, I just copied the maps in Windows Explorer to my external hard drives like I did before with rekordbox.

Then I copied the files info the engine prime software and everything started analyzing automatically.

So my files are analysed on the harddrive. But when I click on the external device icon, I can 't see any drive.

Many thanx greetings

Here is a screenshot from my Engine prime software

A screenshot that my harddrive is seen as an internal device

The way I’m doing it:

  1. I open the engine prime software

  2. In windows explorer, I open the harddrive where my songs/maps are on

  3. I drag the songs/maps into the engine prime software.

  4. The songs automatically start to analyse.