Hickups/phasing beats whit key lock on

5 months ago i send a message on a topic but no answer. I wrote: I find the same problem with key lock. How further from zero the more the beat ‘phased’, i think is the right word. Does anyone know if Denon can fix this? Can they fix this with an update? I find mixing with key lock extremely helpful to mix in key, so it’s really important in my opinion. I’m using the Prime 4 btw.

Now 5 months later i wrote this: It still isn’t fixed after al the updates. I’ve got a prime 4 and a prime Go and both i can’t use for my radioshow because of poor soundquality with keylock on. For my radioshow i have to use traktor! My livestream is also poor but what choice do i have? Really want you guys to fix it! Hate to say it but this is so important that i will go to Pioneer if this is not fixed real soon! So please take this complain serious or you will get back 2 controllers!

Sorry for the upset reaction, but i am sick and tired from it. Is there anyone else that experience the same problems? Really don’t want another brand or controller but this must be fixed. Hope Denon hear this shoutout!!

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Why do you “have” to use keylock?

Key lock can be turned off. It’s optional

I doubt anyone at the other end of the radio is going to notice or mind any of what you’re perceiving as transient malformation, especially if it’s only streaming rather than DAB/FM.

First of all, it’s on it so it must work proper. But the most important thing is this: I play progressive house and to play in key you have to use the keylock. If you don’t, and you change the speed with the pitch the key changes with the speed and you will notice falls tones.

So…Traktor Pro 3 and Denon Prime standalone devices use the same keylock algorithm: Elastique v3.

Maybe show us how you are getting different results using traktor vs prime hardware?

That’s a good one… Than there is something in the software not right. If you go to twitch.tv/deaconcrossmusic you can see and hear my livestream, my radioprogram is on subcode.club but is on a roll now. If you want i sent you the file

For the sake of simplicity: please test the same song in traktor (keylock set to scratch setting first) and then on prime hardware. Compare when traktor setting are on hi quality.

If you get different results both time then it’s time to continue this discussion here.

It was already noted on the forum how Elastique v3 does that phasing thing on SOME songs, mainly in the trance genre.

But, since the code is outsourced, I doubt Denon can do anything about it on it’s own.


It beats Seratos key lock hands down!

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