Hi/Lo pass filter modes?

Hey Denon developers, any chance we will be able to change the hi/lo pass filter modes in the future? When set next to my Toraiz box (Dave Smith filters) it’s really clear that the pass filters on the X1800 aren’t as nice as the analog counterparts. Maybe a way to adjust the resonance?

I know analog vs digital is an ongoing debate and I’m not asking you to put DS filters in the mixer, but a way to select a hi/lo pass that sounds more pleasing to someone coming from Traktor or analog would be nice.


I’ve set the resonance to 0 = zero. Default it’s set on 15, but I find this way to heavy when mixing.

Hey Bobby, You have several options to change the filter behavior in the utilities under “2.FILTER” including resonance.

Speaking from my own personal experience and opinion, I prefer a resonance of 5, which is down from the default level of 15. I find myself often slowly sweeping the filter from the HPF to gradually mix in a song and that this works well for me at that resonance.

As for the Dave Smith filters (which I believe are Curtis filters), these have more of a bitey resonance than the ones in the X1800. IMO, This filter makes sense for accentuating synth lines and using it as an effect but isn’t so practical for blending between tracks as it can be harsh. At the end it comes down to taste, personal preference, and how you use the tools though.

Thanks guys. I suppose I could have waited until my next day off to play around with the mixer utility settings more. I appreciate the help!

It must have just been the res at 15. It was too much. I run my res fairly low on the Toraiz sampler as well, as I am mixing entire songs into my dj set via the SP16/AS1 combo & I find it much more pleasing to soften the blow as I filter sweep. The AS1 has separate resonance, so I leave that with a bit more bite.

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I´ve got an other question about the filter on the x1800 prime. Is it normal that the sound cut´s out comletely at the 4 o clock at high and the 8 o clock at low ? It sounds like the filter could go in till the sound fades out, but it just cuts out.

Next to my X1800 and those in shop demo setups, they all have this.

Really would prefer that it wouldn’t cut-off also. Definitely should be a setting or feature request to not cut-off, in my opinion.

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